Realism Sculpture

Charlize Theron Ravenna portrait life size bust, from Snow White
Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, 1:1 life size silicone bust sculpture
Snake Plissken Escape from New York life size silicone bust statue
Voldemort - Harry Potter 1:1 portrait statue sculpture collectible
Freddy Krueger 1:1 life size portrait replica bust statue replica
Joker from Tim Burton movie Batman, as played by Jack Nicholson. Life size portrait silicone bust commission, with human dyed green hair, acrylic eyes and teeth
Lurtz from Lord of the Rings 1:1 life size display portrait bust prop
Darkness - Legend, Tim Curry life size display statue prop replica
Edward Norton American History X silicone portrait bust sculpture
Leonidas 300, life size display silicone bust sculpture statue
Hellboy as Played by Ron Perlman, life size bust portrait sculpture prop, made from silicone rubber, acrylic, fibreglass and human hair
Darth Maul Phantom Menace 1:1 life size bust statue collectible
Demoness fantasy myth female nude sculpture art statue bust
Tyler Durden - Fight Club, Brad Pitt, collectible 1:1 sculpture bust
Wolfman Benicio Del Toro life size silicone bust replica statue prop
Velociraptor life size realistic collectible prop replica bust prop
Blade Daywalker, Wesley Snipes life size display prop silicone bust
American werewolf in London life size silicone display bust statue
Kick-Ass life size silicone portrait statue of Aaron Taylor Johnson
David- from Lost Boys 1:1 silicone bust portrait sculpture prop
Robert DeNiro - Travis Bickle 1:1 silicone bust portrait sculpture
sprites fantasy miniature little fantasy creatures that are poseable
Yoda from Attack of the Clones, 1:1 life size statue collectible prop
Ogre fantasy miniature poseable silicone fantasy creature
Man in cage, miniature fine art hyper real sculpture
Wolverine Hugh Jackman 1:1 portrait bust sculpture collectible
Yoda : Star wars - Empire Strikes Back life size prop replica statue