Demoness life size nude sculpture bust

Demoness nude fantasy art wall mounted sculpture

An original concept demoness wall or plinth mounted nude portrait sculpture. Inspired by the fine art model Aisii.
I first came up with an elegant design for a mythological/fantasy  female sculpture not seen before. After playing around sketching a few ideas and proportions, I came up with a design I was happy with. Once finalised, I built a life size metal armature to support the water based clay I would be using to sculpt her. The rough form was first built up quite quickly in a few days. I then removed the head onto a seperate base and concentrated on getting a portrait likenes of Aisii for a couple of weeks. I then added the head back to the torso and finishing the sculpture as a whole. Total sculpture time was a few weeks. Once completed, it was then moulded in silicone rubber with a supporting fibreglass shell in a number of sections/pieces. Once removed, slightly translucent fibreglass casting were taken and the seams removed. These castings were then painted in layers to simulate skin, and custom hand made acrylic eyes and hand applied lashes and eyebrows were added to finsih her off.

Demoness nude life size bust sculpture - wall or stand mounted
Demoness nude life size fantasy art wall base mounted sculpture
Demoness life size fantasy myth fine art nude sculpture bust
Demoness fantasy mythological fine art nude 1:1 life size statue