David from The Lost Boys

David the vampire, from 1987’s “The Lost Boys” life size display bust

I started creating David portrait bust by collecting as many photographs I could find of Kiefer Sutherland from the movie as I could find, as well as Kiefer as himself. It was decided that the look from the poster for the film was what we would aim for, look wise.
I built a steel armtaure screwed to a wooden base, then set about applying water based clay. Over the next three weeks the sculpture was refined until it resembled David from the movie. Last details like skin pores and wrinkles were added, then a mould made from fibreglass. Once the mould was removed and cleaned, a casting in silicone rubber over a fibreglass core was injected.  This was then cleaned and any seams removed. It was then painted to simulate the foam latex and makeup look from the film. Human hair was implanted for the scalp and beard hair inserted and trimmed. Custom hand made acrylic eyes and teeth then made and inserted.
Finally a top, leather jacket and raincoat were added for his costume, and an earring made from silver wire and leather as seen in the film, completed him.

David from The Lost Boys, 1:1 life size silicone bust prop
David from The Lost Boys, kiefer Sutherland 1:1 life size bust prop
David - The Lost boys realistic 1:1 portrait bust collectible statue
David from The Lost Boys 1:1 portrait bust display prop sculpture