Sprite creatures

Miniature semi-poseable “sprite” creatures

These sprite creatures were the star in a number of adverts here in the UK. I was commissioned to make some miniature “real” ones.
Once I had found as many pictures as I could find of the creature, I built a metal armature on to which I could apply a wax based modelling clay called plastilne. Over a week or so, the sculpture was refined until it resembled the creature. A fibreglass mould was then made from the completed sculpture.
An internal skeleton was fabricated from steel, aluminium and fibreglass to allow the finished item to be somewhat poseable. This was then fitted with a fibreglass body form and skull.
The completed skeleton was set into the outer mould, floating on “pins”. Then the mould was bolted closed. Silicone rubber was then injected in to the gap left. Once cured over night, the poseable puppet was then removed and any seams removed and given a clean. They were then painted using an airbrush and regular artist brushes to give them a semi-realistic paint finish, so they looked “kind of” real.
Hand made acrylic eyes were then made and insterted. Finally individual hair were implanted one at a time and given a trim, completing them.

Sprites fantasy miniature silicone poseable puppet creatures
sprite advert miniature poseable puppet creatures
sprite advert creature, miniature poseable monster puppets
sprite fantasy creatures from the tv adverts, puppet monsters