Contact and Commissioning

Contact and commissioning sculpture:


 sculpting harpy, Norton and DeNiro portraits, demoness, art nude                                        

If there is something you may want me to make for you after browsing the work in my galleries, please do contact me. Be that something I have made in the past or something completely new. Do not assume if it’s not in my galleries I am not interested without  contacting me first.  I haven’t updated my site in quite a while, so a lot of newer things can be found on my instagram and facebook pages, along with making of pictures etc.

Realistically finished sculptures take between a few weeks to create for something I’ve made before, to approximately twice the time if it’s something I have to make completely anew. Please be aware that I usually have a backlog of work to create for people already in line, so there will be a period you will have to wait after me agreeing to make something, and actually creating it.

I will be adding my own Fine-Art figurative sculpture in the coming months that you will be able to commission copies of in bronze. I will also accept commissions for bespoke custom bronze sculpture from life size to miniature – depending on what it is. Contact me to discuss any ideas you may have.

Please email with your requirements and I can give you an estimate of cost.