Portrait and figure sculpture artist

Charlize Theron Snow White and Huntsman silicone bust statue
Leonidas from Frank Miller film 300, life size realistic silicone bust sculpture art portrait statue as played by Gerard Butler
Aragorn, Lord of the Rings realistic life size portrait bust sculpture
Voldemort from Harry Potter, Life size silicone statue collectible

Sculpture commissions – realistic or bronze, from life size to miniature.

Sculpture is my all consuming passion – and portraiture and figurative sculpture art is what interests me most. To capture the essence of the subject in question and try and inbue real personality and character in to each piece of work. So that they appear frozen in time mid gesture. ….almost alive.
Perhaps more fun is when I’m asked to recreate movie characters and creatures for collectors. Work undertaken includes hyper-realistic life size busts and statues of famous figures and movie characters, to monsters and ghouls from a number of movies.

I also have a love for anatomy and figure sculpture. In my own time I am creating a range of figurative sculptures of original design, copies of which are available in bronze. Rather than simple figures, I am trying to give the pieces movement, gesture, grace –  and push the design away from the oridinary. To make them unforgettable. Hopefully.
Custom commissions for bespoke bronze statues can be considered. If you have a rough idea of something you want made and think it’s within the realm of what I can create, do get in touch so it can be discussed further.

In the mean time, please feel free to look through my galleries, and I hope you find something of interest.

Breeze nude fine art statue, indoor and sculpture garden bronze
Female art nude statue wearing headdress, available in bronze
Harpy nude indoor or sculpture garden fantasy art for bronze
Female nude on toes indoor and outdoor garden statue sculpture