Portrait and figure sculpture

Edward Norton as Derek Vinyard  - American History X silicon bust
Charlize Theron, Ravenna - Snow White and the Huntsman 1:1 silicone portrait bust
Leonidas from the movie 300, Gerard Butler realistic portrait statue
David The Lost Boys 1:1 silicone life size bust collectible statue
Robert DeNiro from Taxi Driver life size replica silicone bust statue
Aragorn from Lord of the Rings realsitic life size portrait bust prop
Snake Plissken - Escape from New York 1:1 portrait silicone bust
Voldemort From Harry Potter realistic life size statue sculpture
Blade Daywalker life size silicone bust sculpture collectible statue
Demoness life size fantasy mythology wall hanging bust sculpture with very large horns
Tyler Durden from Fightclub 1:1 portrait bust sculpture collectible
KickAss Aaron Tyler Johnson life size portrait bust sculpture prop
Joker Jack Nicholson from Batman1:1  life size silicone bust statue
Wolverine from X-Men, Hugh Jackman realistic silicone bust statue
Man in a Cage hyper real silicone sculpture fine-art