Caged anxious nude man miniature

Miniature hyperrealism mixed media sculpture, of an old caged nude man.

The Caged trapped nude man sculpture was started by finding reference of a middle aged face I thought expressive.
A simple armature mounted on a wooden base was made first. I then sculpted him using plastiline, a wax based modelling clay. After getting the expression and pose right, the clay skin surface was detailed with pores, wrinkles, fingernails and veins. The finished sculpture was then moulded in a one piece silicone rubber mould, from which a translucent platinum silicone copy with a resin core under structure was cast. This was cleaned then painted in a number of fine layers using airbrushes and paint brushes to acheive a realistic skin effect, including freckles and moles. Next step was to implant hair into his scalp one at a time, then cut and styled. This also included his body hair,his eyebrows and eyelashes.
Once finished, he was mounted to a aluminium base plate which had been coated with glued on grit. This was then mounted inside the large brass bird cage to finish the sculpture.

Brass cage measures: 63cm tall 33cm wide

caged nude man looking through cage at the viewer trapped, hyper realsitic miniature sculpure made from silicone rubber, resin, acrylic, hair and brass cage
Caged nude middle age man - realistic miniature sculpture. Made from silicone, resin, acrylic, hair and brass cage
Nude caged man looking resigned - realisitic miniature sculpture. Made from silicone, resin, hair and brass cage
Nude man trapped in a cage miniature sculpture.