Voldemort 1:1 life size statue

Life size statue/bust of  Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter played by Ralph Fiennes.

To start Voldemort after a specific expression/pose was decided, I gathered photographs and screen captures from the Harry Potter movies until I had enough angles of him to get a good likeness.
A steel armature was built where the arms and head could detach later for moulding. Water based clay was applied and roughed out to shape. I then detached the head and worked on that alone for about 3 weeks, looking at it from various angles to make sure it looked like him.
Next, the head was attached back on the torso. Lifecasts of my arms were taken, from which clay poured copies were made. I then detailed these and attached them to the sculpture. Finally, the rest of the body and arms were completed, and the final step left was to detail the skin with pores and wrinkles and seal the wet clay ready to be moulded.
The mould was made in fibreglass in a number of sections, from which a fibreglass torso and silicone and fibreglass head and hands cast. These castings had their seams removed, then were painted subtly to resemble the film makeup, adding veins etc. Eyes, teeth and finger nails made from acrylics were then inserted/attached and coloured to finish him off.

Finally he was assembled and dressed in an off-the-shelf costume and wand.

Voldemort  Harry Potter, 1:1 life size replica portrait statue bust
Voldemort  Harry Potter life size collectible statue Ralph Fiennes
Voldemort life size silicone bust portrait replica from Harry potter
Voldemort 1:1 life size silicone bust statue prop from Harry Potter