Leonidas from 300 1:1 bust statue

Leonidas lifesize realistic portrait and upper torso silicone sculpture,  King of Sparta from the film 300

Leonidas life size half statue played by Gerard Butler. From the movie 300 based on Frank Millers comic book.
With the look from the publicity poster decided apon, a metal armature was built then water based ceramic clay applied and the form roughed out. Over a period of three  or so weeks this was refined until it was finished ready to mould. The mould was then made from fibreglass in a number of sections and the clay removed. Pigmented silicone rubber injected over a fibreglass core created the statue castings. Once cleaned and seamed, these were then painted with a number of colour washes using airbrushes and paint brushes  to give a realistic skin like effect. Next, human and animal hair was implanted one follicle at a time to give him his beard, scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. This was then cut and dressed, and his braid made from artificial hair and added.  Blood splatters and dirt were then applied to make him appear battle weary. Finally his cloak was made from a heavy melton wool with a leather harness, a brooch and vambraces made from resin and painted to look like weathered bronze, the arrows, acrylic eyes, and lastly a display stand.

Leonidas from 300 life size portrait statue bust of Gerard Butler
Leonidas life size silicone bust portrait collectible prop sculpture
Leonidas Gerard Butler 300 1:1 life size portrait bust statue
Leonidas silicone bust statue from 300, played by Gerard Butler