Blade 1:1 portrait bust sculpture

Blade – life size portrait bust collectible of Wesley Snipes as the vampire hunter “Daywalker”

After a look for Blade was decided on, lots and lots photos were collected of Wesley Snipes from various angles, as well as him as the character. A crucial part of any portrait – having enough reference to get an accurate likeness. Next was to build an armature made from steel tube and mesh. Water based clay was next added and modelled over several weeks until I was happy. The finished sculpture was next moulded in fibreglass. A pigmented silicone skinned casting produced from that and seams cleaned up and blended until they were invisible.  Painting was done in a number of layers to produce the realistic flesh tones. The tattoos were marked out using templates and painted on, then blended in with a little flesh tone so they appeared part of the skin.
Next, hair was pre-curled and inserted into the scalp, before being shorn down with clippers to replicate his distinctive hair style.
Eyes and teeth fashioned from acrylics and pigments were made by hand, and inserted into the head. This finished off the sculpture, and lastly a base made to display him.

Blade life size silicone bust collectible statue of Wesley Snipes
Blade - Daywalker- life size realisitic collectible bust statue prop
Blade Wesley Snipes 1:1 portrait silicone bust prop sculpture
Blade Wesley Snipes Daywalker life like silicone 1:1 portrait bust