Kick-Ass Dave Lizewski 1:1 bust

Life size bust of Kick-Ass Aaron Taylor Johnson as Dave Lizewski

The “Kick-Ass” bust was started by finding reference photos of Aaron Johnson to work from. A specific look for the portrait was selected. a kind of unsure what’s going on sort of look.
After printing out a number of photographs of Aaron Taylor Johnson as himself and a few screen captures from the film, it was off to work.  Starting with a steel armature, the  clay form was roughed out, before I took the head off and worked on that part only for the next couple of weeks. Once it was looking the part  like Aaron, the head was placed back on to the torso. I then added skin pore textures adn wronkles before sealing the clay. He was then moulded in fibreglass before a silicone copy cast over a fibreglass under structure. This was then de-seamed and cleaned, then painted in a number of layers to replicate skin. Human hair was then implanted, then cut and styled to give him his trademark curly locks. Acrylic eyes were then hand made and inserted into his head. I then implanted his eye brows and eye lashes one at a time.
To finish him off, he was dressed in his slightly cheesy looking superhero suit.

Kick-Ass Aaron Taylor Johnson 1:1 life size bust of Dave Lizewski
Kick-Ass Dave Lizewski life size portrait sculpture prop bust
Kick-Ass Aaron Taylor Johnson 1:1 portrait bust sculpture