Wolverine from X-men – Logan

Wolverine – Hugh Jackman realistic life size sculpture as Logan from X-men

First thing to create Wolverine was to find enough reference photographs of Hugh Jackman as himself and as Logan in the movie. I also needed to get a good idea of his body shape by finding photos of him in the gym of on the beach. I then built an armature from steel and aluminium. On to that I applied water based potters clay. Afetr speanding a few dyas roughing out the form, the head was detached and worked on for two or so weeks unti, I had a decent likeness of Hugh Jackman. This was then reattched to teh body, and I worked on that for another week or so.
Once completed the arms were detached and moulds made from fibreglass. When these were cleaned and ready, silicone rubber was injected and left to cure over fibreglass cores. The castings were then taken out of the moulds, and any seams got rid of. The parts were cleaned then painted with layers of translucent paint to build up the skin colouration.
Next, a number of hours was spent implanting individual hairs for his scalp, eye brows, eye lashes, chest and arms. The hair was then trimmed and styled before being set with hairspray. Eyes and teeth were hand made from acrylics inserted. His claws were cast in resin and slotted into his fist ends.
Lastly he was assembled and clothed in an authentic Swiss vest top.

Wolverine rfrom X-men Hugh Jackman life size portrait bust statue
Wolverine X-men 1:1 life size portrait bust sculpture collectible
Wolverine  - X-men Logan life size silicone portrait bust statue prop
Wolverine X-men Logan life size silicone portrait bust statue prop