Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back

Yoda life size replica prop statue from the Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back

This version of Yoda is a replica prop statue version of the character sculpted/created by Stuart Freeborn and puppeteered by Frank Oz. It was created for the second Star Wars film in the original trilogy.

After gathering many photographs from the film, along with photographs taken with the puppet during filming – it was off to work. I used a wax based clay called plastiline to sculpt the head feet and hands. Using the photos from various angles, I tried to match him as well as I could in a thoughtful yet content expression.
Once the sculptures were finished and detailed, they were moulded in fibreglass. From these moulds, fibreglass cores were made, and silicone rubber injected to produce the final silicone skinned head, hands and feet. After cleaning up the seams, these parts were then painted in a number of layers to emulate the look of Yoda in the film.
Acrylic olive eyes were then painted by hand and cast, and acrylic finger and toe nails made and attached.
These parts were then attached to a body form I had sculpted earlier in a water based clay, moulded in silicone and cast in fibreglass.
His robes were next. His inner tunic made from a brown wool materials, his outer robes made of Tussah silk.
To finish him off, his “walking stick” and flute were cast in resin and painted, and his belt and little pouch made from leather.

Yoda from Empire Strikes Back 1:1 life size replica prop statue
Yoda -The Empire Strikes Back 1:1 life size replica prop statue
Yoda 1:1 life size replica statue prop collectible from Star Wars
Yoda: Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back 1:1 life size statue prop