Insecure little ogre

Miniature poseable ogre silicone puppet

This little Ogre fantasy sculpture was essentially designed by the client who commissioned me to make it for him.
He hadd sculpted the face, and knew what he wanted for the rest of him. But he preferred to let someone else do the fabrication work. So he commissioned me to do it for him.

After a couple of quick sketches to make sure we were on the same wavelength, I made a quick silicone rubber mould of it and cast a wax clay copy of it. I then made an armature out of steel and aluminium on to which I could apply more clay to build up the form of the figure and place his sculpted head a top. A couple of updates along the way, and finally all were happy. He wanted to keep the style simple, in a Hensonesque sort of way.
With the sculpture complete, it was moulded in fibreglass and the clay cleaned out.
He wanted the thing poseable [like an action-man-goblin type thing], so a fibreglass and metal skeleton was made which would allow it to be posed. This was then placed in to the mould, and floating on “pins”, allowed a thin silicone rubber skin to be cast around it in one piece. Once demoulded, the seams were removed and he was painted with a semi realistic skin effect. Glass eyes were then inserted. Finally, hair was implanted for his balding scalp and eye brows.

Ogre miniature poseable silicone puppet
Ogre fantasy art miniature poseable puppet commission
Ogre fantasy art creature poseable puppet made of silicone
Ogre little fantasy puppet prop made of silicone rubber and metal