Lord of Darkness from Legend

Lord of Darkness 1:1 life size statue collectible from the Ridley Scott movie Legend

“The Lord of Darkness” from Legend, as played by a makeup covered Tim Curry in the Ridley Scott movie. The statue was commissioned with the client knowing the rough pose and expression he wanted, but the design was finalised by doing sketches until the green light was given to start building him.
A rather time consuming job, I gathered as many pictures and screen captures as I deemed relevant adn worked out the armature on paper to support the clay used for sculpting him.
The hefty metal armature was built onto a turntable, and clay then applied to it. A few hundred kilos in this case making two inch support poles bend udner the weight.
Once the form was roughed out, I took the head off to work on a portrait of Mr. Curry  on a seperate base, then  added makeup in clay on to that. After a few weeks of sculpting, the head was reattached to the torso and I finished of the rest of the body, legs and arms. Once completed, he moulded in sections using fibreglass, from which castings of silicone rubber supported by fibreglass were cast. He was then painted in translucent red tones to replicate the look from the movie. His “cat” eyes were made from acrylics, along with his teeth and nails. His legs were fibreglass with metal tubing inside to stop warping from the weight, his horns just painted fibreglass. The clothing was then made, and finally a base which included skulls – to stop him falling over.

Darkness by Rob Bottin from Legend, life size replica prop statue
Darkness played by Tim Curry from Legend, 1:1 life size statue
Lord of Darkness by Bottin from Legend, 1:1 life size statue replica
Lord ofDarkness life size statue collectible, Tim Curry in Legend